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ILETC site loading time

Added by Marilyn Weber 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Via ZD:

We need help with our ILETC site. Our site is TERRIBLY SLOW. I am very concerned our users will not come to the site any longer because it takes such a long time for pages to load. Can you help us with this issue, please?


Alberta Gatti, Ph.D.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber 9 months ago

Syelle Graves adds:
Thank you so much, Marilyn. If it's helpful, I will add for our ticket that Laurie suggested deactivating unused plugins, and I did find and deactivate about 6, but doing so had no effect on the site speed.

In addition to visitors potentially being deterred from our site, I am struggling to make changes to it because of the extreme slowness. I have had changes that I make to pages revert the next day, and other times, the editor times out completely before my eyes, before my attempt at an edit can go through. One of my recent Redmine tickets about a YouTube video that would not embed was caused by this slowdown, I'm realizing now!

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Updated by Marilyn Weber 9 months ago

Please add Syelle to this ticket. Thanks!

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Updated by Raymond Hoh 9 months ago

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Updated by Raymond Hoh 9 months ago

Hi Syelle,

A part of the slowness can be attributed to the MetaSlider plugin. The MetaSlider plugin has a bug as outlined here: We put in a hotfix, but when we update plugins on a bi-weekly basis, we forgot to put back our hotfix since the MetaSlider team have not fixed the bug yet. So the slowness was brought back since late July. Apologies.

I've just reapplied our hotfix and that should speed things up a bit.

Let us know if that helps.

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Updated by Syelle Graves 9 months ago

Ray, you are a gentleman and a scholar! I do see a difference. I'll let Alberta know. Thank you!

Are there other changes we could make?

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Updated by Raymond Hoh 9 months ago

Are there other changes we could make?

I would echo what Laurie mentioned. Try to find ways to reduce the number of plugins running on the site. Or find lighter alternatives.

I think I mentioned this in the past, but perhaps try experimenting with creating a test Commons site. Then, you can import the pages from the existing ILETC site and test out different themes and plugins, which you could then compare the load time to the current site.

The current ILETC site doesn't look that complicated compared to other Commons sites, so it might be worthwhile to try out. I understand that this might not be feasible given the time, effort and perhaps budget required though, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

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Updated by Boone Gorges 9 months ago

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Closing this one based on the conversation above.


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