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Request: Wordpress - TablePress plugin

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- What's the name of the plugin/theme?
TablePress ( developer website:

NB: TablePress is replaces the popular but poorly implemented WP-Table Reloaded plugin ( It is a new release which is why its download numbers are low.

- In a few words, what does it do?
TablePress allows you to build tables really easily in WordPress sites -- without a lot of technical skills required. it has a GUI and has a lot of powerful features

i want to try and build a simple vertical text based timeline using a table so i was looking for something like this.
i would also like to try to build something like the CUNY social media page ( using tables

*- How is the plugin/theme different from what's already provided on the Commons?v
there is no table plugin right now

- What's the potential impact? Who will use it?
tables can present graphical data really effectively. this could have a broad user base

- Who initially made the request?

- Who is the plugin author?
Tobias Bäthge (about:

- Say a little bit about the release history and popularity of the plugin. How many times has it been downloaded? When was it last updated?

it is the successor to a super popular table plugin (which had Downloads: 586,737)

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-4-23
Downloads: 88,294
416 5 star reviews


- Maintenance: Given the data above, how likely is it that the plugin is going to be abandoned by the developer?
it seems to be one of the few widely implemented table plugins in WordPress' plugin directory

- Security: Scan for XSS and DB vulnerabilities

- Redundancy: If this plugin/theme does something that plugins/themes on the site already do, is there enough reason to put it on anyway?

- Themes: What are the results of the Theme Check? Many of the 'required' warnings I don't care much about - they are nitpicks. But consistent calls to deprecated functions, for instance, could indicate something about the quality of the theme.


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Thanks for the thorough request, Erika. Plugin looks good. Added in

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@Boone thanks so much!!! very excited to test it out.

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