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Upgrade of The Events Calendar to 3.0.3

Added by Kimon Keramidas over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I am hoping that we can upgrade The Events Calendar plugin on the Commons to 3.0.3 on the Sept. 1st commons upgrade.
I've been working with The Events Calendar 3.0 and adjusting themes and it seems like the wonkiness of the big version shift has been ironed out. As such I have built the most recent Prelude.13 Festival theme to work with Events Calendar 3.0 and am upgrading our other Events-Calendar-reliant themes to be functional with it. These two themes are the Prelude.12 and MESTC themes and I will submit separate Redmine tickets for them soon.

Please let me know if this is possible ASAP as I will have to do some serious alterations for these themes to continue working with The Events Calendar 2.0 versions otherwise.


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OK, I will update it for the 1.5.1 release on Sept 1.

However, please remember that, pursuant to the discussion we had a few weeks ago, the new system is: on the 5th, an announcement will be made on the dev blog about major plugin upgrades, and those plugins will be upgraded on the release of the 21st. I'm fine with bypassing the process in this case (since we haven't really begun the first cycle yet, though I've been holding back on major plugin upgrades). But in the future it'll be important to stick to it, as many of our partners will be depending on it.

#4 Updated by Kimon Keramidas over 8 years ago

Totally understood about the schedule in the future Boone and I'm glad we are doing that way. I didn't remember the final decision and figured we'd be in a transitional state for at least this one, but will make sure the schedule is on my calendar.

Almost finished with the three themes and will make tickets for them today or tomorrow once I iron out a few more kinks.

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