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Firefox Issue on Portfolio page when scrolling down

Added by scott voth over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Hi - Not sure if anyone else has noticed this - In Windows 7, using Firefox 23.0.1 - I notice that in some cases when a member's profile has no widget content below and less than four lines in the black area, and I try to scroll down, the screen start flashing when it attempts to make the header shorter. I tried with Chrome (which works great) and with Safari and IE (both do not try to minimize the header when content is so short - so no issue). But Firefox seems to go a little crazy.

I tried Firefox on iOS - for the same type of short portfolio - the header is shortened correctly - but there is a sliver of the blog address that shows (in blue) when you scroll down and make the header made smaller.

I tried several portfolios at random - it seems to occur only on really short portfolios. Here is an example:


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I noticed this with Chrome at first, too, but it seems not to be happening any more. It is disconcerting when it does happen.

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This issue was supposed to be fixed with (at least, it was improved), but I will have a second look.

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The calculations required to decide whether to "snap" are very complicated, because they differ based on many factors: whether you're logged in (certain buttons are shown which make the document height greater); whether you're viewing your own profile (ditto, and also because of the yellow notices at the tops of pages); window height; profile height. Etc.

My best attempt at sorting the logic is in I think it's good enough.

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