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Added by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Hello Commons Folk!

I would like the web address to be for shorter posting on publicity etc. I recently purchased on at the suggestion of Chris Caruso. He also said if I posted to Redmine you all would be able to give you instructions as to how to configure the domain at Gandi to make it work, so that's what I'm doing now. Please let me know what my next step is. Also, I was wondering if I can get the Commons extensions to show up on the new address like,, etc. Any help on this would be appreciated!

And while I'm posting can I also please request that the philosophy site be added to so I can use in that publicity?

Thank you,

SWIP-Analytic Organizer
Philosophy Social Media Fellow


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Hi Marilynn -- I'll let Boone respond with details but I'll note that there are two steps here -- one we can take on the Commons and one we'll need to ask IT to help with. We're happy to help. Once the domain is mapped, it will cover all pages on your site.

Regarding the thing, can you please create a separate ticket? We try to keep one issue per ticket to keep a handle on the workflow of the dev team. Thanks!

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Hi Marilynn -

It's a three-step process.

1. We'll contact our network team to configure our server as necessary to expect your domain. (Matt, you've done this in the past. Could I ask you to do it this time too?)
2. Once you've heard back from us that the first step is done, you'll need to point your new domain's A record at our IP: Assuming is handling your DNS, here is the relevant help page:
3. When you've let me know that you've switched your DNS, I'll make the final remaining necessary changes on the Commons.

#3 Updated by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago

Hi Boone & Matt,

Thanks for your help. I created a new ticket for the request. Has step 1 been completed? If so, I will try step 2 so please let me know.


#4 Updated by Matt Gold over 7 years ago

Funny -- GC IT just updated the ticket today, asking you to change your domain registrar info before it changes the server configuration. We've conveyed the fact that we think the GC IT server configuration should happen first and are currently waiting for a response.

#5 Updated by Matt Gold over 7 years ago

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Okay, Marilynn -- the GC has completed setup, so please go ahead and set up your domain as Boone described above in step 2. Please let us know when it is complete.

#6 Updated by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago

Hi Boone,

Thank you for the link to the relevant Gandi page. I think I've made the needed changes in Gandi and that you can proceed with Step 3. Please let me know if it seems like there is anything else I need to do on my end.


#7 Updated by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago

(And just in case you were about to look at it now Gandi says "Note that changes to your zone file will take from several minutes to several hours to propagate" so maybe best to wait a bit)

#8 Updated by Boone Gorges over 7 years ago

Hi Marilynn - Thanks for the update. I've run some tests on the public DNS records for, and it looks like there is a problem that's causing it to be broken somehow. I see that the domain is set to use Gandi's nameservers, but there is no A or CNAME record set for the domain. Could I ask you to double-check your settings (and in particular, to check that you have an A record as per

(I'm pretty sure this is not a case of the DNS not yet being propagated. Previously, the domain was resolving with Gandi, but now it's not, which makes me think that your changes went through, but they're incorrect.)

#9 Updated by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago

Ok in that case I think I will just wait and ask Chris Caruso to help me with this at one of our fellowship meetings because I'm not really sure what I'm doing with the Gandi configuration. I'll get back to you after I've done this. Thanks!

#10 Updated by Marilynn Johnson over 7 years ago

Hi Boone,

Chris helped me fix what was was wrong with the Gandi configuration today so I think it should be all set for you to proceed with step 3 this time.

Thanks so much!

#11 Updated by Boone Gorges over 7 years ago

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Thanks, Marilynn. Looks good on your end.

Matt, it looks like the domain is configured incorrectly at the server level. When I set up the mapping in WP, I get a 403 error: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server." I interpret this as saying that the vhost is pointing at the wrong directory - it should be pointed to the webroot, not the server root. Could you please open a ticket?

#12 Updated by Matt Gold over 7 years ago

done - I'll update the ticket with new info when ready.

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Looks like this is working.

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