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Added by Marilyn Weber about 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I was searching for a post on the codex has no category attached to it. So finding it again was tricky - I see I should have looked in the tags. Perhaps this is just my confusion, but I do find navigating the codex mystifying.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 8 years ago

Bump. Scott, can you do a quick review?

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Updated by scott voth over 8 years ago

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Hi - There is now a search box that is pretty good (don't think it was there 2 years back), and each Codex page is listed in the table of contents - I think the menu might be confusing since the categories Groups, Sites, and Wiki need to clicked on to expand and within Sites there is a Plugin list that expands. Steve had some ideas about how to make it more easy to find things - but I think it got put on back burner. I am going to assign to Steve to see what he thinks.

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Updated by Stephen Real over 8 years ago

The Search box seems to work well. It appears to be "aware" of Categories and Tags. Also, at that bottom of the Table of Contents, you can filter the Codex using Categories and Tags.

My main idea is to conduct a systematic review of how we tag and categorize this content and make sure that we do so in a way that will be most helpful to the end users. It appears that the tags and categories are also not always used, so we need to build into our workflow a step to ensure that every new post is properly tagged/categorized.

I would close this ticket unless there is a way to make that filters more visible (move them to the top of the page?).

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