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Feature #3177: Upgrade bbPress to 2.x

bbPress 2.x dynamic roles and RBE

Added by Boone Gorges over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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From #3177

One other thing to note is bbPress has the concept of dynamic user roles. At the moment, this conflicts with Reply By Email because I wanted to copy bbPress' validation schema. And since it is hard to determine these dynamic roles when the user isn't logged in, replies will fail to post. (Or, I'm just not looking in the right place ;)

A way around this is to set the user role automatically in bbPress 2 so a role is saved in the database.

Ray - setting user role automatically is fine with me, as long as it doesn't cause other problems. I mention this because of, which is the one area of bbPress that I am familiar with :)

So, it could be that this ticket can be resolved with a simple settings toggle. In any case, it's a placeholder to remind us to check.

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 9 years ago

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I've thought about this a bit more, and I think that for now I'm going to do nothing.

The problem is worst when bbPress is activated networkwide, which it will not be in our case.

If sites activate bbPress, users will be added as Participants to the sites once they visit them. If this turns out to be a problem in the future, let's look into writing a bbPress plugin that will unhook this and then do the necessary default role setup at some other point: for example, when they attempt to post. It's likely that this will be somewhat complicated, so let's leave it for when we know it's an actual problem.


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