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Plugin Request: GeoMashUp

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QUESTIONS FOR THE PERSON REQUESTING THE PLUGIN/THEME [generally this means Matt or a community facilitator]
- What's the name of the plugin/theme? GeoMashup -

- [plugins] In a few words, what does it do? – it does geographical mapping

- How is the plugin/theme different from what's already provided on the Commons? Leaflet Maps Market does not provide adequate search function that is required by bkpublicscholars - “… we are currently using the Leaflet maps marker on the site. One feature on the GeoMashup that Maps Marker doesn't have is the ability to add optimize location searches. Our old site (which uses the GeoMashup) has three search tables under the map. That was one of the last-minute requests that I got from a faculty member.. (otherwise, MapsMarker is working just fine..). “

- What's the potential impact? Who will use it? bkpublicscholars is launching soon and will use it

- Who initially made the request? Request is for – new domain mapped site – and
- Who is the plugin author?
Dylan Kuhn

- Say a little bit about the release history and popularity of the plugin. How many times has it been downloaded? When was it last updated?
It looks like it’s very well maintained. Last release was a week and a half ago. Downloads = 101,605


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