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Create Privacy Settings for Profile Data

Added by Matt Gold over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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A member of the site found that his profile info is being fed through google and would prefer to keep his info (or parts of the profile) private. Let's explore creating some additional privacy settings for profiles. The options offered through "More Privacy Settings" through WPMu seem like a good model (info public, info not shared at all, info shared just with members of the site, info shared just with my friends, info shared just with friends and groups).

I'm assigning this to Boone, but if Zach or Lucas have time to pitch in, that would be great.


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges over 12 years ago

Privacy setting are coming in BP 1.2 core or at least as a plugin within the next few months The only solutions aside from a very complex plugin like the one being developed are (a) to hide all profile data from non-logged-in users or (b) to put noindex meta tags on all profiles pages. Both seem to be me to be very against the spirit of the Commons. (You might argue the same thing about privacy settings in general, but some people have very legitimate reasons for hiding themselves from Google.)

Anyway, I say that the current line should be "don't put anything on your Commons profile that you don't want public". When the new BP stuff comes out we can consider whether it's appropriate for the Commons.

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