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External stylesheet/script lag

Added by Boone Gorges almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Is there a way to streamline/prioritize how the external stylesheets/scripts get loaded on the home page? It's affecting the way that certain aspects of the page work, eg the hero slider.


#1 Updated by Chris Stein almost 11 years ago

I can think about/take a look at this too. What is the issue that you're encountering?

#2 Updated by Boone Gorges almost 11 years ago

The particular issue is that the stylesheet for the hero slider plugin is loading late, so some of the borders around the hero image only pop up after a second or two. See what I mean on cdev.

#3 Updated by Ron Rennick almost 11 years ago

I'll look at hooking in earlier in the process. Right now it's running on wp_head with a priority of 1 which means I'll likely have to change hooks.

#4 Updated by Ron Rennick almost 11 years ago

@Boone - for the layout can you try adding a float:left; to the .introbox class in the custom css for the theme and check it with IE to see if the layout is still ok?

#5 Updated by Boone Gorges almost 11 years ago

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Ron - Thanks for the tip. It went part of the way toward solving the problem in real browsers. See and

The JS for the slider doesn't seem to be firing at all on IE7 (at least not on my admittedly messed up XP VM). I'll open a separate ticket.

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