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Possible Upgrade to Sitewide Tags Plugin

Added by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Boone -- i just want to note this as a possible upgrade to Sitewide tags:

I was just adding a link to and typing in tags, and I noticed that the system actually offers a nice way of working with tags: under the tag box, it displays tags that might relate to your bookmark and tags that others have used. And then, as you're typing, it brings up suggestions from your own list of tags that might be relevant.

I realize that this would be very hard to implement, but it does seem cool, and I wonder whether there is any way of replicating its functionality in your plugin. How cool would it be if the plugin searched the text of the post and then came up with suggested tags?

Anyway, let's think of this as a pie-in-the-sky tag possibility. We have other, more pressing priorities, but it might be neat to think about this further.

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Pie in the sky indeed. Such a system would be a holy grail for Wordpress in general, not just for sitewide stuff.

Delicious works in a different way, of course, because the things being tagged - bookmarks - are identical for different taggers. That is, you and I might give different tags to our bookmarks of, but the site remains the same to both of us. Thus if you tag it as "awesome", when I bookmark it afterward Delicious knows to suggest "awesome" as a tag. There's no sophisticated parsing of the content of the site/bookmark itself.

That said, it's not impossible. Related Posts plugins are a good place to start. I'm not sure what kind of algorithms they use, but I assume that there's a list of words whose frequency doesn't count toward suggestion results (I, a, and), and that certain parts of the post are given more weight than others (title, links, capitalized words).

Definitely something to think about.

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