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Roma Theme Issue - Featured Image Section

Added by Laura Kane over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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This is a problem with the Roma theme and the JITP site (

Every time I assign a featured image to posts on the main page the alignment of the featured posts changes problematically, and the only way to reverse it is to remove the image (see attached). I have no idea why this is happening. I have even adjusted the image sizes to fit perfectly into the featured image box to see if it is a resizing issue, but no change. I am wondering if this is another problem related to a missing plugin from the theme file folder?


Correct Alignment.tiff (103 KB) Correct Alignment.tiff Laura Kane, 2015-08-24 02:05 PM
Incorrect Alignment.tiff (132 KB) Incorrect Alignment.tiff Laura Kane, 2015-08-24 02:05 PM
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I think I may have figured this one out / created a solution. I've narrowed the .col-sm-4 specification to 33% from 33.3...% and I have been able to add images without any alignment issues (so far!). Will keep you updated.

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Cool - we'll leave this ticket open for the moment. Let me know if the workaround isn't working.

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Hi Laura - I'm closing out this ticket to clean up my todo list. Let me know if you continue to have issues!


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