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Sim Braille for JITP Website

Added by Laura Kane almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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One of the articles for JITP's upcoming Issue 8 requires simulated Braille: (currently on the staging site)

We have already had the Commons team install the plugin Braille:

However, the plugin does not work without another program, called LibLouis. " You either need LibLouis installed on the same machine as your WordPress installation or access to a remote LibLouis service." There is a Github page for a remote version of LibLouis, but I don't have a good sense of how to use the service:

Would someone be able to help me figure out how to get the remote service running on my machine, or is this something that needs to be done by the Commons team?

Thank you!

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The service is hosted by the Commons, and we force the configuration to be set properly on the plugin settings page:

You should be able to begin using the plugin for braille transcription as per the documentation. Let me know if you have problems getting it to work.

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Updated by Laura Kane almost 7 years ago

Hi Boone,

It took me a few tries and some experimentation with the settings, but I've finally figure out how to do it. Thank you!!!

All best,

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Updated by Laura Kane almost 7 years ago

Also -

We are going to move everything over to the main JITP site ( in a few days. Will everything work similarly there?

Thank you again, Boone - always a life saver! ;)

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 7 years ago

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Great - glad you got it figured out!

And yes, everything should work exactly the same way on the main JITP site. The liblouis configuration should already be done there, but you'll need to migrate over whatever other Braille-related changes you made on the staging site.

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Updated by Laura Kane almost 7 years ago

Excellent - thanks again!


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