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ability to embed maps from StoryMapJS?

Added by Marilyn Weber over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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A user has made the following request:
"For this class- The Digital Caribbean- we are expected to construct a final digital project. I've decided that for my final project I will be constructing a map of Caribbean Revolutions. Furthermore, I've also decided that StoryMapJS, a free resource from Knightlab, would be the best means of constructing my final project."

Is it possible for the user to embed maps this way?
Happy to ask more questions. Thanks!

- Marilyn

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Hi Marilyn,

Sure, we can probably work something out. It looks like there is an existing WordPress plugin that allows for the creation of StoryMapJS plugins within WordPress. This is one possibility.

If the user plans to create the maps at and then simply wants a way to embed the maps, then we can probably go with something more lightweight. I can, for example, write a brief shortcode handler for it.

I'd prefer to do the latter, because it adds less overhead to the Commons. Can you get in touch with the reporter and see what they have in mind?

#2 Updated by Marilyn Weber over 6 years ago

I wrote the following:
"Aaron -
Our tech team suggest that you create the maps at If that's acceptable, he will write a brief shortcode handler for it. Please let me know. "

Hope that was okay - not offer the more expensive option.

But can you explain a little further for me - do you need an already-existing map before you write the handler? How does the user get maps on to his site? Very sorry for my ignorance here, but hopefully if I can see the process through, then I'll understand it for future queries.

#3 Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

I appreciate your conservatism :)

I'm not 100% clear on the distinction between the software and the service here, but from what I can gather, StoryMapJS is a piece of software that is developed by the folks who build It's possible to take StoryMapJS and use it to build your own story-maps completely within your own environment, which is what I assume the plugin does. But also allows users to create maps right on the site, and then provides a "Share" button that contains some embed code. Using this embed code, the map can be embedded in any website, while still being served from the hub. A shortcode tool like I'm suggesting would allow the user to grab some unique identifier from - I think that each map has an ID or URL that can easily be figured out - and then paste it into a [storymap url="foo"] shortcode. The shortcode would then generate the necessary embed code for the Commons site. (We can't allow arbitrary embed code to be pasted by normal users, for security reasons.)

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#5072 was marked as a duplicate.

In I introduce a [storymap] shortcode. Use:

[storymap url="https://your.storymap.url" height="600" width="1000"]

Marking resolved.

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