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Export Group Data

Added by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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I was in the process of explaining some of the benefits of using WP to someone, and I wanted to talk about data portability. And then I realized that, as BuddyPress currently, stands, it's not possible to export group data.

I see that this is a potential feature for BP 1.4+ on the Roadmap (, but we might think about developing a tool for this, because it seems like a pretty critical feature.

What do you think?

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Updated by Boone Gorges almost 13 years ago

It's important, but of somewhat limited utility insofar as BP group data is sui generis and there are no standards for making it readable on other platforms. Do you have ideas about the use cases?

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Updated by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago

Yes. A group that I'm in is currently discussing a possible move from the Commons to Google Groups. If it made that move, it would have to leave all of its forum posts behind. It would be great if there were a way to export forum data into a spreadsheet or any other form that would allow the group to archive its discussions.

At a basic level, in other words, just having an archive of forum posts would be preferable to having nothing, even if that archive couldn't be easily imported into another platform (though, of course, that would be nice, too).


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