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Bug #234: Blog admins are being reset to subscribers

Users status demoted on ITP Core 1 course site

Added by Julia Fuller about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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On or around 9/12/16 we were having an issue with the ITP Core 1 course site on the Commons:
To summarize the issue: users on the site were inexplicably having their status demoted without an administrator’s action. Students were given “author” status on the site, but several of them reported being unable to post, when we checked on their status, it had switched to “subscriber.” This even happened to the course instructor, who had admin status, but then somehow got downgraded to subscriber.
We haven't experienced this issue since it happened, but wanted to report the bug.

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Hi Julia,

Thanks for the report, and sorry for the troubles.

It so happens that we keep records of all changes to user roles, as we've had a longtime occasional bug related to the resetting of user roles on sites. The primary ticket is #234. My logs related to this issue have never been good enough to make a good diagnosis. But the fact that the problem occurred on your site (rather than the main site narrowed down a couple of things, and I think I found the bug.

I'm going to post an update at #234 for anyone who wants details.


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