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Plugin Request - Postie - Converts listserv emails to wordpress posts

Added by Naomi Barrettara about 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Hi Commons Team!

The Social Media Fellows are looking for a plugin solution to connect listserv emails with wordpress blog posts. Essentially, we're looking for something that automatically converts every email sent over a given listserv to a wordpress post on a Commons site.

We found this plugin that seems to do what we want:

Is it possible to get it installed on the Commons? Or do you have any other suggestions for other plugins or tools we might be able to try?

Thanks for your help and consideration!

- Naomi

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Hi Naomi,

Thanks for the ticket!

Have you looked at Jetpack's Post By Email feature? It seems like it might have everything you need:

The advantages of using Jetpack are (a) it already exists on the Commons, (b) it's very popular, so it's likely that sites are already using it, and (c) it doesn't require any server-level configuration or complex Dashboard-level setup ( handles the hard stuff). With this, you could fairly easily set up a forwarding rule on your listserv that goes to your generated email address.

Do you think that this might work for you? It's already on the Commons, so you could experiment with it right away.

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Updated by Naomi Barrettara about 7 years ago

Hi Boone!

We will definitely try using Jetpack, as I didn't realize it was an option! Thanks so much for the feedback! We will let you know how it works out - but it looks promising, as it seems to do everything we want.

Many thanks!

- Naomi

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Closing this one out. Please circle back if there's more we can do to help.


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