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Added by Luke Waltzer over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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When Jetpack is active and tied to my account on the site, images are not displaying because the Commons is appending to the front of each image URL (which happens with images freshly uploaded to the site as well).

When I try to go to the Jetpack settings from the VP dashboard to investigate, I get a white screen.

Deactivating Jetpack fixes... but we'd like to use some Jetpack features so we're hoping for some guidance on this. Theme is Rowling.


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Updated by Boone Gorges over 6 years ago

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The white screen failures are due to two things: 1. a bug in Tweetable fixed in, and 2. a bug in PressForward originally reported in and fixed-not-fixed in PressForward itself, but definitively fixed on the Commons in The Jetpack admin panel now works properly.

The missing images seem to be due to the Photon feature of Jetpack. I disabled it on your site, but I think it might stick in the case of existing content. In any case, the problem appears to be that your site is non-public, which means that's CDN can't collect your images. Once the site is public (and has been loaded a few times, to prime the pump) the images should appear. I made the site public for about 15 seconds and that's all it took for the images on the main site to be loaded into the CDN. You should be able to safely ignore the broken images until you are ready to go public, and if you need to see the images to do design work, you should disable Jetpack until you're ready to launchc.


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