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Community college student cannot register?

Added by Marilyn Weber over 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Community college student Steven Anderle says he has tried to register using either and . I don't see either address in the Dashboard at is it possible these are blacklisted addresses? What should be happening when a registration is not accepted. Thanks!

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Registrations from addresses are not blacklisted. There have been three successful registrations with this email type in the past few weeks, and I just successfully submitted a registration request using a dummy address with that format (though I can't confirm it, since it wasn't a real address).

I don't see any pending registrations from either of the addresses in your report. This suggests to me that one of two things happened:

1. There was a glitch that caused submitted registration to be lost in transit
2. There's some sort of user error - for instance, the user fails to check one of the required Role boxes, and doesn't fix the problem after seeing an error message

The fact that it happened with two separate registrations leads me to believe that a fluke glitch is not to blame here. I'd suggest we're looking at some version of 2. Marilyn, could you follow up to get more details on how the user registered, making sure to emphasize that there are a number of required fields ("Full Name", "Role", terms of service checkbox).

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