Bug #763

Resaving BP Docs Preferences on Same Setting Produces Unclear Error Message

Added by Matt Gold over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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When one goes to the admin screen of BP Docs and clicks "save" without changing the setting for minimum role needed to create a doc, an unclear error message pops up that says

"There was an error saving, please try again"

In my testing, saving with a new setting in the dropdown produced a message saying that the changes had been saved successfully. Instead of having an error message come up if the settings are unchanged, it would be better to notify users that the settings were saved, even if they replicated previous settings.

Not a big deal, but at least one member of our site found this confusing....

bp-docs-error-msg.bmp (2.58 MB) bp-docs-error-msg.bmp Matt Gold, 2011-05-16 05:44 PM


#1 Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

screenshot attached

#2 Updated by Boone Gorges over 10 years ago

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Fixed in on BuddyPress Docs. It'll get fixed here when the next bugfix version of the plugin comes out. Marking resolved.

#3 Updated by Boone Gorges over 10 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3

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