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Added by Matt Gold about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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I noticed that on some profiles, there are keyword brackets around words. In the past, such brackets would have let one search the user base for people who shared those interests. Is that functionality still in place? If not, should we consider such brackets artifacts of an earlier piece of functionality and perhaps remove them from profiles or just leave it to users to remove them on their own? and screenshot attached


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The bracket-linking was removed in in the context of profile widgets. See #4472.

I'm not sure there's a good way to distinguish between brackets intended to be links (like in this ticket) and those meant for other purposes (see #4472). This suggests that there's no automated way that we could remove them in either case.

If we like the feature, it could be worth rethinking it - perhaps adding a WYSIWYG technique for turning a string into a search link, which would not conflict with the regular use of square brackets. But then too, we wouldn't have a reliable method for converting old instances automatically.

I just did a quick SQL query to see who's using square brackets in their profiles. I came back with 522 entries (probably a smaller number of unique members, since some may represent multiple uses by a single user). This number is pretty big, but perhaps not so huge that we couldn't consider reviewing manually.

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Okay -- thanks, Boone.

I guess that at this point it might be best to leave things as they are, and to depend on members to remove brackets when they edit their profiles.

I think it might be interesting to have this search functionality for keywords on the list of members -- -- but I don't think it makes sense any longer now that the move from profiles to portfolios puts more focus on individuals (with the page serving as a CV) than the old BP profiles did (with lists of friends, sites, etc pointing to the individual's embeddedness in the Commons network).

Since interests can be found via the members page through the search function, I think we can close this ticket and leave well enough alone

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