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User name confusion

Added by Marilyn Weber almost 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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A Zendesk user wrote to me saying her username is margereilly but she wasn't sure what email was associated with the name (possibilities were , or old email ). I couldn't find anything with those emails. Searching under username margereilly yielded username margereillyrn with email . How is this possible (that there are two usernames associated with one account)?

She just wrote:
"As per directions from George Otte –

I set up an account using my personal email ()

I would much prefer to access my original COMMONS account that has the user name


But I am unable to reset that password to


Can that be done? The account with username margereillyrn/email be switched to username margereilly/ email ? Thanks!


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges almost 5 years ago

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Here's what I see:

1. An account with username margereilly and email address , registered 2013-02-25
2. An account with username margereillyrn and email address , registered 2017-02-24

The margereillyrn account appears to have been originally registered with the email address . (She used a non-CUNY signup code to register.)

If the user would prefer the margereilly account, she should initiate a password-reset request and then check the email address. If she doesn't have access to that address, we can see about manually resetting the password, or changing the associated email address.

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#3 Updated by Boone Gorges about 4 years ago

Hi Marilyn - Did you ever hear back about this?

#4 Updated by Marilyn Weber about 4 years ago

I wrote to her on Feb 27:
Marge -
Your margereillyrn account is now connected to your email address , Please let us know if that solves the problem. Thanks!

She never replied, so I think that means all is well. Feel free to close.

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Thanks, Marilyn. You know the drill - reopen if you hear more :)

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