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Share file description when a file is uploaded in Email Notification

Added by Matt Gold 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Just wondering -- when we send out a notification of an uploaded file, is there any reason not to add the text description to the email notification.

For instance, I just added a file to the CAC Subcommittee. Here is the email notification I received:

Matthew K. Gold uploaded 2017-08-25 CUNY Academic Commons Meeting Minutes to CUNY Academic Commons Subcommittee:
Download the document directly:

Note that you may have to log into the CUNY Academic Commons in order to gain access to the group and its documents.

Go to the discussion to reply or catch up on the conversation.
Your email setting for this group is: All Email

Should it not also include the note I left when I uploaded the file:

Thanks to Scott Voth for putting together these minutes

It doesn't matter so much for this particular file, but since we do give people the option to add a description, I wonder whether some people are using that field to leave notes that they expect their groups to be aware of.

Paige, what do you think?


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