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"I am trying to use via Firefox and everything goes perfectly, until I try to log in my password to my website when I receive a FORBIDDEN w/p message. Help! Please. I need to record this ASAP." See screenshot.


Screenshot__401__thumb.png (3.59 KB) Screenshot__401__thumb.png Marilyn Weber, 2018-01-27 11:54 AM

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We have a security protection in place that requires a browser cookie to be set before login is allowed. This cookie is generated by any visit to a regular Commons page. If the browser doesn't have this cookie, the login request is rejected with a 401 error.

Something like this appears to be happening with, though I'm unsure exactly what the details are. When I try to use the native browser recording, I can't actually load any pages at all; it appears that there's something about the way that the Commons redirects work that, in conjunction with my browser settings, breaks page loading. When I use's remote browsing tools, login cookies seem to be set correctly.

Without knowing more about how works, I'm afraid there's not much more that I can do.

A word of caution to the reporter. This is the first I've heard of, and it sounds like a cool and legitimate project. But you should be extremely wary of entering username/password credentials into any system that processes them remotely. This goes for the "native" browser session recording (which appears to include a keylogger) and especially the "remote" tools, where they could be harvesting everything that you enter into the window. They probably aren't doing anything nefarious, but it would be very easy to do so.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 4 years ago

FYI -- webrecorder is part of the GC's strategy of digital preservation. The idea is that to capture elements of a web project, we should create a recording of it in use so that people 50-100 years down the line will be able to know what the project looked like even if it is no longer around.

I'm not sure I understand why the action of logging in to WordPress needs to be part of the recording. Marilyn, perhaps you can send the user a link to this ticket and recommend getting in touch with Stephen Klein and me.

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Updated by Marilyn Weber over 4 years ago

Stephen replies "She had the URL as:
so of course she was hitting the login. Met with Michelle today and hopefully all is understood now."

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Updated by Marilyn Weber over 4 years ago

But not quite. She replies "Nevermind. Thank you for your help. Mr. Wright helped me. Dealing with other (new) web recorder issues, now. Very frustrating."

Matt, is this a requirement for someone's class? Who is Mr. Wright? Should we all be learning this? Thanks!

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Updated by Matt Gold over 4 years ago

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I think we can close this ticket. I have no idea who Mr. Wright is, but again, the GC Library asks students to use when submitting digital projects for their thesis/capstone/dissertations.


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