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Non-CUNY codes and the new invitation system

Added by Matt Gold over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Hi Boone,

I just came upon a use-case that I hadn't considered before with the new invitation system. How do we handle invitations for non-CUNY members who won't have a CUNY address? I would like to create a non-CUNY sign-up code and share it with them. Should I just create the code as usual and not use the new invitation system at all or is there a way to insert such info into the invitation system (I guess I could always mention it in the personal message one can add in the last step)


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Yes, during our scope discussions, we decided to leave this feature out. You should continue to create the code manually in the Dashboard, and yes, you can include it in the custom message you include with the invitation (though note that the same message will go to each user, even those with CUNY email addresses).

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Got it -- thanks.

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Just FYI, and as a follow-up -- the system doesn't let you get past the first step if you have non-CUNY addresses in the mix

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