Bug #9876

System erroneously indicates super-admin is part of private message exchange

Added by Matt Gold almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Luke forwarded via email a notification he had received of a private message on the Commons. I somehow thought that the message was addressed to me, too, even though I didn't receive a notification myself. So I clicked on the "Go to Discussion" link in Luke's email, which took me to the exchange between Luke and another CAC user. Since Luke had asked for my input and since the interface indicated, when I looked at the message, that this was a "Conversation between Luke Waltzer and Matt Brim and you," I assumed that I had been cc'ed but just hadn't received the notification.

I realized after replying that I HADN'T been cc'ed and that I had just essentially used my superadmin capabilities to jump into a message thread that didn't involve me. I am a bit mortified. I will look more closely next time, but for now, I want to note that the system should not have indicated that I was part of the conversation; is that something we can address, even though this is an edge case that involves only superadmins?

Please see the attached screenshot


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges almost 4 years ago

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The 'and you' part of the message is hardcoded into our template. It was removed from BP in

I've made the corresponding change in our theme:

#2 Updated by Matt Gold almost 4 years ago

cool -- thanks!

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