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Luke and I are meeting with someone from Brooklyn College, who brought up a request for wiki or wiki-like functionality on the CAC. This is the third or fourth such request I've heard in the last week. It may very well be motivated by the closing of Wikispaces, which was used often by faculty. (and we know that's what motivated the CUNY Office of Institutional Research to use the Commons).

I am NOT suggesting that we re-start or re-integrate MediaWiki into the CAC. But I am curious what we can tell people who want to use the Commons but are hoping to have wiki-like functionality. Can we use this ticket to explore possible lines of advice? I know that we have one wiki plugin on the CAC, but I think it requires a wiki to be hosted elsewhere and just displays the content on a CAC blog.

I've added a bunch of members of the team to this ticket for comment.


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A site with a bunch of pages, and every user promoted to Editor, is pretty wiki-esque.

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