Support #3267

Updated by Matt Gold almost 6 years ago

Hi All,

When IT does its next planned maintenance on June 20, we will be able to direct the Commons to a custom maintenance URL, but we won't be able to do that for people with mapped domains.

We should write to all of those people with two points:

1. An alert about the upcoming maintenance and planned downtime;

2. A note that if they want visitors to be redirected to the custom maintenance page, they should follow these directions:

-- change their DNS records to substitute a CNAME recordè for the A record è This could be a permanent, one-time change.

I've just shared the spreadsheet with you. Scott, if you could draft an email with Boone's advice on #2 above, I will send it out from the Commons address. Let's see if we can get this done by next Tuesday the 17th. Thank you.

I was wondering whether you could alert people who are running domain-mapped blogs on the Commons about our coming planned downtime. We should probably keep a contact list of people running domain mapped blogs on the Commons anyway.

Boone, can you please get Scott a list of domain mapped blogs?