Feature #19861

Updated by Laurie Hurson 3 months ago

Hi Scott and All, 

 I wanted to provide some feedback on our shiny and new help redesign. Overall it looks great! The main issue I am experiencing is the font size is so large, I really feel the site looks cramped and I can only find a little bit of information at one time.  

 In the screenshot attached, the header is taking up ~1/3 of the page, the title and first sentence is another 1/3 of the page, and I can only see 1-2 menu items in the left sidebar, whereas in the past design I could see about 10+ menu items so it was as clear that the menu on the left was the "main nav" for each help section. the teaching area. 

 Could we consider Would it be possible and would other support looking into changing the font size and spacing to make it so help site visitors can see more information on the page? Do others other feel this would be helpful?