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04:10 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #13473: Some categories in the customize panel are still missing on the PressForward theme
Hi Boone... If you issue that pull request, I'll be sure to follow up with Mandy and Sean. The theme is a separate re... Lisa Rhody


11:38 AM CUNY Academic Commons Support #13016: possible to run code examples, like in Jupyter Notebooks?
Sorry to be late to the party but this is fantastic news. We're looking into using in the DHRI curriculum sit... Lisa Rhody


06:56 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #12647: Calendar Page
Looks great to me. Thanks, Ray!
Lisa Rhody
06:16 PM CUNY Academic Commons Support #12647: Calendar Page
Nope, those are the main things: Return to full calendar and repairing the category buttons seems most pressing. Than... Lisa Rhody


01:34 AM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #10722: StatPress performance & migrate to per-site Google Analytics
I think the self-service option would be awesome. I did notice that our monthly stats report dropped off, and it woul... Lisa Rhody


06:18 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #10997: Website disappeared
Thanks, Boone!
Lisa Rhody


11:56 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #10997: Website disappeared
Thanks for looking into it in detail, Boone! Lisa Rhody
03:05 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #10997 (Resolved): Website disappeared
We (Steve Zweibel and I) built a site at, and checking it today, it has been overwrit... Lisa Rhody


08:36 PM CUNY Academic Commons Feature #10223: Add Liquid slider to the Commons plugins?
Not an issue. We can close this. Lisa Rhody


03:53 PM CUNY Academic Commons Bug #10560: PressForward Feed Reader hung up on TLC feed; won't retrieve other feed items
Things seem to have cleared up for me as well. Apologies for the delay, and thanks, Paul for checking your feeds. Man... Lisa Rhody

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