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Ability to remove item from Courses list

Added by Laurie Hurson about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Hi All,

I made a test course with the teaching template a few weeks ago called 'author name test". It was added to the courses list and I think it should be removed but I do not know how to remove it. I tried changing the "purpose" of the site but it remains in the courses tab list.

Should we have a way to remove courses from this list in case someone uses the teaching template but is not actually using the site for a course? Or should sites be removed from this list if the purpose is changed?

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Thanks for the report. I've removed the 'author name test' Course.

There's currently no way for users to delete, or request deletion, of a course from the automated listing. There ought to be. IMO there are two separate things to be considered:

1. Should we, as Laurie suggests, automatically remove the Course if the associated group/site's Purpose is changed to something other than Teaching? (Think about the possibility of mistaken removals, and consider what would happen if someone changed away from Teaching then back to Teaching.)

2. Should there be a way for users to delete their own Courses listing? IMO this should be considered in the context of greater user control over what appears in the Courses tab; it's not currently possible to edit this content either. If we let people delete/edit, there could be a mismatch between what's in the directory and the "truth" of the courses that are actually being run on the site.

Assigning to Sonja for consideration, but I think this could probably benefit from team discussion.

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Updated by Laurie Hurson about 3 years ago

Hi Boone,

Thanks for outlining the options and starting this discussion. I can see the issues with #1 - if faculty change the site purpose and change it back, the course will not be re-added to the list. I think giving users control about what appears in this listing would be great, but also see the issue with allowing users to edit the listing content (I assume you mean course title, etc?). Maybe the only option we give users is to add or remove the course from the list?

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Updated by Matt Gold about 3 years ago

Hi Colin -- can you please add this to the agenda for our next team meeting? thank you

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Boone Gorges wrote:

Assigning to Sonja for consideration, but I think this could probably benefit from team discussion.

I would have assumed that the courses tab is populated by the meta data of Primary Purpose and when a user changes the purpose from Teaching to something else it would no longer show up in the listing. And when that user would change it back to Teaching it would appear again. What's the logic behind what appears on the courses page currently and the reasoning behind it?

Using the courses template should not be reason for it to appear in the courses list, IMO it should be tied to the meta data and we should give the user control over their courses. What I would not suggest is for a user to be able to remove a course from the list unless it is not a course – meaning, if someone wants to simply hide their course from the list for an arbitrary reason, I would suggest not to allow that unless we have a strong argument for such cases.

Definitely something we should discuss with the team.

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