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changing folder names?

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Followup question from Steve Brier:

Boone helpfully copied my 2019 Library into my 2020 Library in my Group. The problem now is while I can delete and add items as needed I can't figure out if it's possible to change the folder names in the library (which involves changing the dates in the folder name). Is that even possible? If not and I have to create new folders, how can I delete the old folders without screwing up the files in the library?

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It's not currently possible. See #12821.

To do it manually, you'd have to edit each item, remove it from the existing folder, and add it to whatever new folder you'd like (creating the new folder, if necessary). There's no way to do this in bulk.

As a courtesy for Steve in this one instance, I can do the renaming directly in the database if he can provide me with a list of necessary changes.

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He replies:
Got it. Thanks, Boone. I guess I'll just create new set of dated folders for the upcoming semester. Thanks again for cloning the Library. It was much, much easier for me.

Case closed, I think!

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Excellent, thanks!

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Sorry, not resolved:

"Well, best laid plans. . . Turns out that the pdfs that Boone transferred from my 2019 groupl libraary to my 2020 group library wouldn't open for my students. They got this error message:
You must be a logged-in member of the group "F19 Urban Ed Course: Historical Perspectives on Urban Education" to access this document. If you are a member of the group, please log into the site and try to access again.

This kind of defeats the purpose. Any thoughts about how to fix this. I may have to separately upload each of the pdfs from 2019 if there's not other way to fix this.

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this is the same problem I encountered here -

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I've written a script that should have repaired this. Please have Steve verify.

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