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Via Zendesk

I have been getting an error message that the Commons is experiencing technical problems when I attempt to visit my site, however the dashboard functions fine for the site, and all other Commons sites I've visited appear to be fine. My site is, which is mapped to the url - perhaps something with the domain mapping is the issue?

Thanks so much for your help!

Patrick Sweeney

My guess - Possibly related to #13657: Activating commentpress-modern theme can cause fatal errors if commentpress-core plugin not active added?

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Related to CUNY Academic Commons - Support #13699: Martin Segal Center site downResolved2020-12-14


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Hi Marilyn,

Patrick is correct that this is a domain mapping issue.

It's a similar one we experienced with the Martin Segal Theatre Center site (#13699). It's due to the new domain mapping plugin we are using (#13455) and how it prioritizes how sites with multiple domains are handled.

I've configured Patrick's site to resolve to instead of and the site is resolving again. If Patrick prefers his site to resolve to instead without the trailing www, let me know.

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Thanks, Ray! Will LYK his reply.

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This can be happily closed; he replies "Thank you so much, this is perfect!"

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