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Overlapping text in mobile views

Added by Matt Gold about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I’ve attached a few screenshots showing overlapping text in mobile views of My Groups and My Sites. I also noticed that on the confirmation page after an invite is sent, it’s hard to see the top of the page. If you need further details, please let me know. And thanks for looking into this


CA8C1BFC-CB9C-4B45-876A-A6B012917779.png (399 KB) CA8C1BFC-CB9C-4B45-876A-A6B012917779.png Matt Gold, 2021-08-19 11:19 PM
89AE11E1-B688-41D5-958A-F19958D238E6.png (1.22 MB) 89AE11E1-B688-41D5-958A-F19958D238E6.png Matt Gold, 2021-08-19 11:20 PM
9E7E918E-2125-4347-83F2-7E7D10B59805.png (510 KB) 9E7E918E-2125-4347-83F2-7E7D10B59805.png Matt Gold, 2021-08-19 11:20 PM
570px.png (24.1 KB) 570px.png Raymond Hoh, 2021-08-19 11:53 PM
420px.png (16.6 KB) 420px.png Raymond Hoh, 2021-08-19 11:53 PM
Support details.pdf (2.48 KB) Support details.pdf Matt Gold, 2021-08-28 11:19 PM
Actions #1

Updated by Raymond Hoh about 1 year ago

For the "About My Commons" link, I've adjusted the positioning so it displays better at below 570px and 420px respectively:

I've attached screenshots for what that looks like:



This will be available for the next maintenance release on the 24th.

I'll leave the invitations one to Boone.

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Reporter Feedback

I can't reproduce Matt's invites screenshot on a mobile device or in emulation. Matt, can you please share device/browser details? Also, if you perform this again as a test, can you see whether the issue is (at least in part) that you are scrolled part of the way down the page?

Actions #3

Updated by Matt Gold about 1 year ago

here you go

Actions #4

Updated by Matt Gold about 1 year ago

also, as I experienced it, the issue was not that I scrolled down the page. will try to test again

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Updated by Boone Gorges 5 months ago

  • Status changed from Reporter Feedback to Abandoned

I'm still unable to reproduce this. Let's close but reopen if someone comes up with steps to reproduce.


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