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Custom Sidebars and Wordpress 5.6

Added by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Ned Benton writes:

A question [about] Custom Sidebars and Wordpress 5.6. Custom sidebars allows me to have different sidebars for different sections of a website, and in NESRI (Northeast Slavery Records Index) I use them for the states, so I can land on a state-specific set of pages or posts.

In a private side, Wordpress 5.6 discontinued support for this widget in favor of a new “block based widget screen” which I cannot figure out. So on my private site I installed a widget that disables the new feature and allows the old widget to work.

My concern is that if this happens on CUNY Commons, I won’t have the ability to do the workaround I did on my private site.

Do you all have a plan about this?

Ned Benton


Incidentally I am gradually replacing the Northeast Slavery Records Index with the Northeast Slavery Records Index which includes the northeast states. It also has a robust new reporting system. (I will let you know when I want to officially close the NY Slavery Records Index site.

To see what is happening…

Go to

Select Massachusetts

On the sidebar select Suffolk County

You can select any state, county and City/Town and you get a custom report generated on the fly. We do Maine to New Jersey.


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I believe that the user is referring to the Classic Widgets plugin, which we added in Could you confirm?

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Updated by Marilyn Weber about 2 years ago

Here's his reply:

"I am familiar with the classic widgets workaround and will use it for the time being.

On the file sizes, I have some huge documents like “Documents illustrative of the history of the slave trade to America.” One volume can be 110 megabytes, but I can break them up into sections.

My goal is to have the NESRI site exist for a long time under the direction of future co-directors. I am trying to make to technically simplified so that future director are not searching round to locate documents searching in off-site hosting entities.

This is a profoundly important project and resource.


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Thanks. I'll mark this resolved and handle questions about file size in #14813.

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