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raise the file size limit

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Ned Benton also writes:

Is there a way to raise the file size limit solely for the NESRI – Northeast Slavery Records Index – site? I have some large PDF and image files that I want to include in my gallery, but they are rejected due to size. Right now I maintain them on a private website and link to them, but I woold prefer to have them in the gallery.


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Could I get some more details please? How high does the limit need to be? And will this be a temporary change? If so, what kind of time window do we need? (I'll also need the URL of the site, for easier reference.)

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The site is

I've asked the questions

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Copying over the response from #14812:

On the file sizes, I have some huge documents like “Documents illustrative of the history of the slave trade to America.” One volume can be 110 megabytes, but I can break them up into sections.

My goal is to have the NESRI site exist for a long time under the direction of future co-directors. I am trying to make to technically simplified so that future director are not searching round to locate documents searching in off-site hosting entities.

Thanks for the details. Our server supports individual uploaded files up to 40MB. This is not due to a WordPress configuration but instead is a server-wide config value that I don't have the ability to change directly. I'll send an email to our IT partners to see whether it's possible to consider an increase.

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Upload limits have been increased to 128MB.

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