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brooklyn waterfront site "connection not secure"

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Arielle Lawson from / is reporting some problems. This site is at least 10 years old and has had problems before -,

She reported "From my computer I can't even see the public-facing website at either of the main website links (screenshots attached, it says my connection isn't private and that there isn't a secure connection): It's the same for trying to get to the CUNY academic commons main homepage"

I couldn't replicate what was happening when I was at the GC yesterday. But now, as I just told her "I am trying from home today and am able to get both sites on my Mac and PC using a bunch of browsers. But I am seeing "connection not secure" warnings as well. I understand why that would concern you, so I'm going to turn to the dev team to see if we can find a cause and a solution. My guess is that this has something to do with the domain mapping."

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As Boone noted in #5319, it looks like the domain is not set up to point to the Commons, but is rather using an iframe of their bwrc Commons site, which is not the same as domain mapping.

If it's possible, can Arielle or the person that owns the domain read our Domain Mapping article:

Specifically step 1. Once that's done, we'll have to check in with IT so the domain will map correctly. After that, the site should resolve properly without using an iframe.

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