Bug #14987

Elementor update causes database freeze-up

Added by Boone Gorges 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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On Nov 9 and Nov 23, as part of regular maintenance updates, I tried updating Elementor from version 3.4.4 to the latest version (3.4.6 or 3.4.8). Both times, the Commons database was brought to a halt by an influx of database connections, within minutes.


Effective immediately, I won't be updating Elementor anymore during regular maintenance updates. Specifically, I will add it to the list of blocked plugins in my wp-cli-cac update tools. Ray, if you have your own version of these tools, please do the same.

The next time Elementor is updated to a new major version, say 3.5, I might consider trying the update again in isolation. I'll leave this ticket open for further investigation.

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#1 Updated by Boone Gorges 2 months ago

A possible clue is that the mysql processlog shows many entries during these incidents that look like this:

1220    commons_admin    commons_wp    Sleep    284        NULL    1713    1713
1221    commons_admin    commons_wp    Sleep    211        NULL    1713    1713
1222    commons_admin    commons_wp    Sleep    291        NULL    1713    1713

Some query is taking place that matches 1713 rows. At one point I had the idea to see which tables in the Commons database have 1713 rows, but this is a much harder thing to query than you might expect.

#2 Updated by Boone Gorges 2 months ago

#3 Updated by Boone Gorges 2 months ago

#4 Updated by Raymond Hoh 2 months ago

Here's the changelog between Elementor v3.4.4 and v3.4.6:

The only commits that stand out are:

The first one seems likely because Elementor is doing a save routine on every page load. Just a guess though.

#5 Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 months ago

Thanks, Ray. Yes, it seems likely that the first one is the culprit. The next time I try updating Elementor, maybe I'll try manually commenting out that line to see if I can narrow it down in that way.

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