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new Prelude website zipfiles for custom theme and other files.

Added by Marilyn Weber 5 months ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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The Segal theater people are now in touch about their new Prelude website at They "have uploaded the zip file of the theme and its files here:"

Is this all you need Boone? Happy to ask them for more - thank you! (4.61 MB) Boone Gorges, 2022-01-18 03:59 PM


#1 Updated by Boone Gorges 4 months ago

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Hi Marilyn - Thanks for passing this along.

This package includes a list of plugins they want to use, but we don't have all of these plugins on the Commons:

1. CoBlocks
2. Crowdsignal Forms
3. Layout Grid
4. Page Optimize
5. Editing Toolkit

In a number of cases, I have misgivings about installing on the Commons.

1. We already have a number of block library plugins on the Commons:,
2. We already have a number of form creation plugins on the Commons, including Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms
4. We generally do not offer performance plugins like this on the Commons, as they may not be compatible with our hosting infrastructure
5. The description for this plugin suggests that it's guaranteed to work only on, and that it's not really a production-ready plugin.

In general, we ask partners to try to use plugins that we already have on the site. And when they can't, we prefer that they reach out to us regarding potential plugins before designing their site around them, in case of incompatibility. See for more. It's possible that some of these plugins (at least 1-3) could be made available on the Commons, but there'd have to be overwhelming reason for providing duplicate functionality.

If the Prelude team needs these specific plugins, it may be best to seek more flexible hosting. If they'd like to host on the Commons as in the past, it may be best to consider plugins that we've already got on the site.

#2 Updated by Marilyn Weber 4 months ago

Thanks, Boone, I've passed this along.

#3 Updated by Marilyn Weber 4 months ago

I don't see the custom theme as an option. Is it uploaded? He replied "The response from your lead developer is appreciated and I can go forward by using the alternative plugins suggested.

If you could upload the custom theme file that I shared to the site, that would be great and I can go ahead with the plugins work through."

#4 Updated by Boone Gorges 4 months ago

I haven't yet added the theme because there was a possibility that my answer would cause the team to find a new host.

I've done an initial review of the theme, and it's left me a bit confused about what to do with it. It's filled with hardcoded references to But it's 2022. What will the final URL of the site be? Generally, WP themes try to avoid using the hardcoded url (use home_url() instead). Also, what Commons site should the theme be made available on? Will there be a new site for this year's event, in the same way that there has been in past years?

#5 Updated by Raymond Hoh 4 months ago

Boone, it looks like they are staging their site on, which is a site. That would explain the XML containing the domain. This also explains some of the posts in #15170. Probably due to an import.

#6 Updated by Marilyn Weber 4 months ago

Reply from Guarav:

"Hi Marilyn, thanks for sharing this response. I'm responding below:

  • The final URL of this site will be
  • It would be great if you could replace any references to to home_url(). After the theme is up and running, I can go into the theme files and replace any additional hardcoded URLs with the updated domain name.
  • The commons site for the theme to be made available on is
  • For Prelude 2022, a new site will be built on the Commons itself. We've witnessed the challenges that comes up building a site outside the Commons framework for 2020 and 2021 and then porting it to this framework.

Please let me know if the developer has any additional questions. I'm happy to be put in touch with them directly to coordinate."

#7 Updated by Boone Gorges 4 months ago

Thanks, Marilyn. Please pass the following along to Guarav:

In general, our team doesn't have the resources to make changes to your theme on your behalf, but as a courtesy I've done some of the hardcoded URL swapouts. See the attached

In making these changes, I've noticed some references to URLs like .../wp-content/uploads/2020/... It's almost certain that these URLs will not work, in part because the WP importer will not guarantee the same folder structure (2020 vs 2022) and in part because the Commons multisite installation uses a different way of mapping the upload directory URL for its sites. I'd recommend moving these image and video assets into a theme directory, and then embedding like this:

<img data-toggle="modal" data-target="#globe" width="100px" height="100px" style="cursor:help" src="<?php echo esc_url( get_stylesheet_directory_uri() ); ?>/img/clippy-help.gif">

Once you've made these modifications, please pass an updated zip back to me, and I'll slot this theme for the next release (Tuesday Jan 25).

#8 Updated by Matt Gold 4 months ago

Thank you so much for the extra time you put into this, Boone.

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