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Open PDF in new tab

Added by Laurie Hurson about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Hi Ray, All,

I am helping with the CILC folks on this site:

They want to be able to to click the PDF link (below the embed) and have it open in a new tab (and not download right away). I can't seem to figure out the right settings to get this to work as they want.

Any suggestions?

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Updated by Laurie Hurson about 1 year ago

I dont't think this is due to WP Accessibility plugin because theat feature has been unclicked in the settings.

I have tried setting it to open in an attachment page. Open in a new tab in the block settings seem to allow their desired result.

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Updated by Laurie Hurson about 1 year ago

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Updated by Laurie Hurson about 1 year ago

I Guess this is browser dependent. I just checked it in Chrome and there are different results.

The ideal situation is the first link opens the PDF in a new tab (works in chrome) and the second link results in automatic download of pdf to local computer (works in firefox).

Is there any way to standardize this setup (link 1- new tab; link 2 - download) across browsers?

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Updated by Raymond Hoh about 1 year ago

Hi Laurie,

I just checked the PDF links in Chrome and Firefox.

For me, the first link does what you want in both browsers; they will both open in a new tab. For the second link, Chrome will download the PDF. However, Firefox will both download and open the locally-downloaded PDF in a new tab. I think this is because Firefox defaults to opening PDFs by default now. See

Let me know if anyone else experiences the same thing.

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Updated by scott voth about 1 year ago

Hi Ray - Thanks for sharing. For me, I had to go to Firefox preferences and change the settings. But it works great.


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