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No longer receiving email notifications about new blog posts

Added by Gina Cherry about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The last two posts I published did not generate email notifications. When I published the post today, I no longer even saw a check box option for sending the notification to the group that usually appears near the Publish button.


group-blog-meta-box.png (52.9 KB) group-blog-meta-box.png Boone Gorges, 2023-03-31 03:08 PM
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Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 year ago

Gina, could you confirm that the 'Group Blog' metabox, shown in the attached screenshot, is the "check box option" you're talking about? Could you also confirm whether you're creating new posts using the Classic Editor or the Block Editor?

Regarding the recent posts, I see an activity item posted at 2023-03-31 15:15:07 corresponding to the blog post Before that, I see one posted at 2023-03-24 21:38:22 corresponding to Based on the list I see at, it seems like these are, in fact, the most recent posts on the site. Could you confirm? I want to be sure I'm looking at the same "last two posts" that you mentioned.

It's not necessary hard evidence, but in the wp_bpges_queued_items table, I don't see any activity items corresponding to these two posts, while I do see a couple of pending digest sends related to the post before that. This suggests that the posts are triggering an activity item, but BPGES is not recording them in the activity stream. If this is correct, it'd be something specific to the BMCC CETLS site, as I've just tested and the feature is working on other sites on the Commons.

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Updated by Gina Cherry about 1 year ago

Hi Boone -

Thanks for the screen shot - I couldn't remember exactly what it had looked like. Seeing that led me to look at my screen options and I discovered that Group Blog was unchecked. This is a bit odd because I do not normally go to screen options and I definitely do not recall making any recent changes.

In any case, that does not explain why posts are not triggering notifications. The posts you cite are the "most recent posts" that I referred to in my original message.

Thanks for looking into this.


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Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 year ago

Thanks for confirming, Gina. On a second examination, I was partly incorrect in my analysis above. In fact, creating a new post with 'Send to group' unchecked will not prevent the creation of an activity item. Instead, it only suppresses the email notification.

You said that 'Group Blog' was unchecked in your Screen Options. Once you unchecked it, thus displaying the 'Group Blog' metabox, was 'Send to group' checked or unchecked?

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Updated by Gina Cherry about 1 year ago

"Send to group" was checked when the "Group Blog" metabox was displayed.

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 year ago

Thanks, Gina. Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to do any further diagnosis without actually publishing a new blog post. The next time you plan to publish an item, perhaps we could work together on it? You'd draft it, and then let me know a date/time when it's OK to publish. Then, I will set up a couple of tools to monitor the notification process, and I'll be the one to do the publication. Would you mind?

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Updated by Gina Cherry about 1 year ago

Thanks - will do! I will likely have something later this week.


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