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Model CV for Commons Release and Outreach

Added by Laurie Hurson 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Hi All,

I followed up with Zach after our community call today to clarify how he would like to contribute to the model CV we will use for Commons outreach for the next release.

Rather than using his own personal and public CV, Zach is available to help build out a model graduate student CV for us to use in outreach about the new CV features.

To get this going, a few questions:
- should zach spin up a new account to go with this CV?
-- If yes, should the new account and model CV be done on the dev site and then moved over to production?
- If we are using this model CV for outreach (and possibly documentation? not sure) what is the timeline on when this needs to be up and running?

I'm sure there are other considerations or questions I am missing so please feel free to let us know what we need to do!


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Updated by Zachary Muhlbauer 4 months ago

Thanks to Laurie for starting this ticket and relaying the above questions to everyone. Once the details are worked out, I can get started on the model CV sooner rather than later. If there are CV features that anyone thinks should be emphasized in the model version, then let me know and I can keep those in mind going forward.

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Updated by Colin McDonald 4 months ago

Thanks Zach and Laurie for working through this and helping make a solid model CV happen. It will surely be an important part of communicating the upcoming release's features/benefits to users.

I've just set up a private ticket and included everyone as watchers so that we can get two fresh dev site accounts to use for this purpose. One account, John Doe, I will use myself so that I can carefully record from a fresh start all of the steps that new CV users will see and take to get started.

The second account, Jane Doe, will be the one whose CV we should build out and have as a model for final screenshots in documentation, the news blog post, etc. Once we have the accounts and their info ready in the other ticket, Zach/Laurie you can feel free to take a stab at getting Jane Doe built out.

We discussed on the call yesterday whether this model account will even need to be ported over to the production site. Once we get the screenshots that we need, it may be ok to leave the content itself on the dev site. That way, we avoid any awkwardness of having a dummy/fake member on the live site and in directories etc, anyway.

I think we won't want to be taking final screenshots until the first week of January, both for ensuring that there are no more changes and to give us some holiday break time. Zach/Laurie, if you're able to take a look earlier, that would be great, but otherwise no worries.

I can't think of any features in particular to emphasize in the Jane Doe CV. We'll just want to utilize as much of what's available as possible. Maybe some sort of nice custom header instead of the standard Commons ones, to show what's possible, and a full complement of social and other information up top. Then maybe a couple of CUNY campuses/positions mentioned on the bottom, in addition to some other credentials sections.

I'm happy to proofread and jump in as needed once this gets going!

If anyone needs info on using the dev site, I'm about to reply to my release testing post in the forum. There are steps for booting it all up at the bottom of the thread.

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Updated by Boone Gorges 3 months ago

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