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BBPress Forum convert to blocks?

Added by Sara Cannon about 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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I was looking into BBPress installs and the one on support forums uses blocks instead of the classic editor for posting. Would this be possible with our installation or would this be a heavy lift?



Actions #1

Updated by Raymond Hoh about 2 months ago

We have some customizations to the existing classic editor that would need to be revised to work with the block editor:

  • Custom "Quote" button
  • Custom "Underline" button markup
  • @mention autocomplete

So this will also take some dev time when potentially moving to the block editor.

Actions #2

Updated by Boone Gorges about 2 months ago

I'm also unsure just how plug-and-play the "Blocks Everywhere" tool is. Jeremy might have some insight from his work on the CV editor.

I'd prefer not to do this migration at the same time that we're doing the rest of the group redesign stuff. That would mean that, for 2.4.0, we make only small changes to the writing interface for group forums, and plan to do the swap-out in some later release. Sara, does this seem viable to you? I realize it means a bit more design complexity, since we have to think about different combinations of legacy vs new forum inside of the new group UI. But I'm wary of the technical lift.

Actions #3

Updated by Jeremy Felt about 2 months ago

I'd almost guess that is the only place Blocks Everywhere is being heavily used for BBPress. Via this trac ticket, I think we can infer that it is pretty much plug-and-play. That said, Dion has had a PR open for a couple months to fix broken user-mentions, so the plugin itself doesn't seem to be under active development.

My gut says to punt this for a bit and let Gutenberg / settle a bit more with the way experimental features are handled. It's awkward having to (sometimes) tie something like Blocks Everywhere to a specific range of WordPress and Gutenberg releases.


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