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Clarifying Questions on Short Links

Added by Zachary Muhlbauer about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The community team discussed short links during one of our March calls, and I'm following up to clarify a few points.

Reading the help page here — — quick links seem to be directly customizable on profiles and groups but require members to request them for sites, events, docs, and so on. Is this understanding on point? Does that mean while the Commons offers short links, it does not provide a dedicated link shortener tool?

For background, these questions arose from a separate set of circumstances (re OpenCUNY) where it was suggested that there is not a dedicated "link shortener" at CUNY.

I've added Marilyn as a watcher since she also asked about the distinction and the full scope of quick link features during that community call back in March.

Actions #1

Updated by Colin McDonald about 1 month ago

We had a brief conversation in the Tue call about this (adding Matt and Scott as watchers). Matt confirmed that generates automatic URLs for member profiles and groups. We can internally set up other short links, but that service is not available to general users.

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Gold about 1 month ago

Though at times we have talked about giving users the ability to directly create links for sites, not just for groups and profiles. Please see this ticket -

Actions #3

Updated by Boone Gorges about 1 month ago functionality for sites is a natural extension of what we offer for groups and members, and we should continue to look into it.

Offering an all-purpose URL shortener is beyond our resources. Among other reasons, the YOURLS software we use is not intended to allow large numbers of user logins, which would be required if individuals were able to maintain their own shortlinks.


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