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Codex Slider getting a jquery error

Added by scott voth about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Dominic Giglio
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WordPress (misc)
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Hi - The slider on the Codex site ( has stopped working (just noticed it today), and I've been trying to figure out why. I have another site that uses the exact same slider settings (QCGSLIS), and it is still working fine and doesn't get any javascript errors. Woo framework and versions are the same between these two. But on the Codex, in Firebug, I see a jquery error when it comes time to animate the slide. I was just wondering if maybe someone who knows jquery a little better than me could take a look and see if it's something obvious?

On the Codex, the first slide displays fine, but it just refuses to advance, and throws the following error.

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [object Object][rel='2'].

I know I did a lot of changes to the actual slides last week (and other stuff in the Codex) - but the sliders were working fine.

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Updated by Matt Gold about 10 years ago

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 10 years ago

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Dom, could you have a look? Thanks.

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Updated by Raymond Hoh about 10 years ago

I took a quick look at this and it looks like the Codex theme is always linking to the latest jQuery build, which is probably what is breaking the slider on the Codex site.

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Updated by Dominic Giglio about 10 years ago

Ray is correct, the theme is loading jQuery v1.8.1 from jQuery's CDN.

I can't access an admin section for the codex in my local dev env. But looking through the theme's header there are references to Woo specific actions in the head.


Is there a specific admin section options page where you can tell the theme to load an older version of jQuery?

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Updated by scott voth about 10 years ago

Hi Dom - There is an admin section in the Woo framework, but it doesn't have such an option. I looked through all the Canvas settings but didn't see any reference to jquery versions. It's strange that one site (QCGSLIS) is working (loading the older jquery version) and the Codex is not.

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Updated by scott voth about 10 years ago

Hi Dom - I finally figured it out. It looks like the plugin "TheThe Tabs and Accordions" was causing the issue. I activated it on QCGSLIS and the slider stopped working there too. So now I deactivated it on both sites and everything is back to normal. I wonder why it all of a sudden caused an issue - since it was activated awhile back. Maybe an update to a newer version? Anyway - Dom, Ray - that's for helping!

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Updated by Dominic Giglio about 10 years ago

Yup, their changelog indicates that the update to v1.0.6 changed to loading latest jQuery file (1.8.1) from the jQuery CDN.

If anyone cares, it's being enqueued in plugins/thethe-tabs-and-accordians/lib/lib.php on line 20.

Can we close this issue, or do you need me to figure out a way to override it?

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Updated by Boone Gorges about 10 years ago

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Updated by Dominic Giglio about 10 years ago


Do you consider this issue resolved?

Or do you need me to try and find a work-around so you can run both the theme's slider and "TheThe Tabs and Accordions?"

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Updated by scott voth about 10 years ago

Hi Dom -
For me, it is resolved. I just deactivated the plugin on the Codex. I think WP UI plugin that was recently added to the Commons does everything that TheThe Tabs and Accordions does, only better. Maybe we should think about not having two plugins that do the same things, especially if one causes problems? But I don't know if anyone is using The The Tabs and Accordions. Is there any way to tell?

But bottom line, my issue is resolved.

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Updated by Dominic Giglio about 10 years ago

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OK, I'm going to mark this as resolved then.

There are plugins that will analyze the plugin/theme usage on a site, but our site is so large that those plugins fail pretty quickly. :-)

Boone and I are working on a new solution that will work on the Commons. So we will revisit removing this plugin once we analyze all the plugins across our entire install.

Thanks for your help with this Scott.


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