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Added by Sarah Morgano about 11 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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Sarah Jacobs from JITP recently reported that while it seems as though Askismet and the Spam Filter are working on their site (, in the past month or two she's been having to manually mark a number of comments (up to about 5-6 a day) as spam. I suggested using Peter's Custom Anti-Spam plugin to require folks to enter a random word displayed as an image before commenting, but has something changed over the past month or two to explain why this is happening? Beyond activating the plugin above do you have any other suggestions?

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I'm not aware of any changes that would result in more spam getting through. It could just be that Akismet needs to update its filter algorithms.

Using another spam plugin like the one you've suggested is a good idea.

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Going to close this ticket based on the suggestions above. Sarah, if you continue to get reports of problems, please reopen this ticket or create a new one with some details.


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