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Possible synergy between Group Docs plugin and Forum Attachments?

Added by Matt Gold over 13 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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As someone who has been uploading a number of documents to a group lately, I notice a problem: when one uploads a document, one often wants there to be some conversation around the document, so that people can provide responses, revisions, etc. If the file is uploaded through group docs, that's not possible -- one has to go start a separate forum topic. If one attaches a file to a forum post, the conversation can happen there, but the doc doesn't get added to the groups archive.

I wonder whether we can address either side of this problem -- either by adding a button to the Documents page that says something like "start a conversation around this document," and that automatically takes the user to a create forum post page with the subject line already filled in with the name of the file, or by having attachments to group posts automatically added to the group docs section.

or both.

what do you think?

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 13 years ago

I think the answer is to ditch the Forum Attachment plugin (or at least the guts of it) and use only Group Documents. There would still be an attachment upload form on the forum interface, but files uploaded through that interface would be stored via the Group Docs code rather than the totally separate Forum Attachments (though I kind of prefer the way Forum Attachments does it, fwiw). A few considerations:
1) We'd have to decide what to do with files that have already been uploaded via Forum Attachments. My initial thought is to keep the Forum Attachments plugin running (so that it will render existing documents correctly) but modify it so as to avoid the possibility of future uploads via that interface.
2) On a related note, the modifications to the process would probably take place within the Forum Attachments plugin, so that they wouldn't be overwritten by future upgrades to Group Docs.
3) Ideally, modifications would also be made to the Documents tab, which would display a link to a document's associated forum post, if one exists.

All of this is, at first glance, quite doable, but it is a relatively big project.

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Updated by Boone Gorges over 13 years ago

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Updated by Matt Gold almost 13 years ago

Just wanted to update this ticket with the news that a member suggested this same thing on UserVoice

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Rejecting due to lack of user demand for this feature.


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