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Pinterest site for the Commons

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Very happy to see there is a Pinterest plugin from Scott's great post (!

I'm a big fan of the interface. I have a profile / board here:

Is there any interest in setting up a Pinterest board for CUNY Academic Commons that might complement the current Facebook and Twitter accounts?

I checked and there's minimal presence on Pinterest currently; the ones that work just go to the home page (4 hits:

Ideas to highlight
- Content from academic programs / initiatives hosted on the commons (urls are http://[XXX].commons.cuny.ed)
- WordPress plugins
- Great blogs / blog posts
- Wiki content
- How To section
- Welcome tools (10 steps, etc.)

Advantages / benefits of using Pinterest
- The interface is like a bulletin board, is very graphical, so it is very visually pleasing
- Popular easy-to-use technology
- If built correctly all images link to content and have keyword searchability, which might add to traffic

I would love to volunteer to help with this, if there is consensus it is a beneficial social networking tool.


accessing email.jpg (160 KB) accessing email.jpg Sarah Morgano, 2013-06-04 10:12 AM
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Hi Erika - sure, please feel free to go for it. I'm adding Sarah and Marilyn to this ticket in case they're interested in helping out. Thanks for starting this.

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Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

Also, Sarah, since you handle our other social media accounts, can you connect with Erika to let her know about anything she needs to know and also be sure that we include Pinterest in our metrics? Thanks.

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Updated by local admin over 10 years ago

@Matt great!

not 100% sure how the account should be set up.

you sign up using either
- facebook
- Twitter
- email account

for a long-term view it should be an account that would not expire / would be administered ad infinitum (if that exists online).

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Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

Please connect with our email account. Sarah, can you please pass the credentials on to Erika offline? Many thanks.

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Updated by Sarah Morgano over 10 years ago

I'm not a big user of Pinterest, but this sounds like a great idea -- can't wait to see what you do with it Erika!

Unfortunately, the GC changed how they handle "department emails" that are managed by more than one person. Instead of logging in directly to through, their help desk has to add the Commons account to the user's GC email address and then the user can access the additional email account (screenshot attached). Once Erika has a GC email account they should be able to add it. Also, as a point of reference, you can only access this aspect of Outlook through IE, so you have to use that browser whenever you want to log in.

If you'd rather log in through Twitter, I can send you those credentials.

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Updated by local admin over 10 years ago

thanks Sarah!

i don't have a email account anymore (and i don't think i will have one) so i think twitter might be an option.

curious: is the email the "contact us" linked email for help on the commons?

wow on the IE usage. :-)

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Updated by local admin over 10 years ago

@sarah, got it offline. thanks much.

there is a limit of the length of user name for Pinterest, so the user name will be CUNYCommons, and is linked at Pinterest login to the CAC Twitter account. hope that's okay.

Pinterest user name: CUNYCommons
Pinterest board will be:

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Updated by Matt Gold over 10 years ago

CUNYCommons sounds fine to me, but Michael, Chris , Sarah - do we have any conventions regarding names? Are we using shorter versions of CUNY Academic Commons anywhere else?

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Updated by local admin over 10 years ago

@Matt -- FYI @CUNYCommons is the twitter handle.

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Updated by Chris Stein over 10 years ago

Sarah might know more. I just know twitter is @CUNYCommons like Erika said. CUNYCommons sounds fine to me

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Is this still something we're interested in doing? It looks like the cunycommons account is no longer active/public. Sarah, assigning to you for feedback.

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Updated by Stephen Real almost 8 years ago

Please update status...


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Updated by Matt Gold almost 8 years ago

I think we should consider whether this is necessary at this point

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