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Working with WP Post to PDF Plugin

Added by Kimon Keramidas over 10 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I have been experimenting with a very good post to PDF plugin for the European Stages site and have been very happy with it (it was in my plugin request list). There is only one problem and upon further research I fear that it may not be reconcilable on the Commons, and that is the default header included in the PDF (Scott Voth wrote about it on the codex here: It is easy to change the header on a single install by swapping out this file: /wp-content/uploads/wp-post-to-pdf-logo.png. But that gets unusual for a multi-site installation as all sites would share the same header. Scott recommends us just replacing that header with the Commons logo (kind of like Anthologize does with that same header place in its PDF creation, especially since it seems like both are using the same TCPDF engine), which would be fine, but ultimately I would like to put the European Stages header on those PDFs and it would be nice to use this feature and be able to customize PDFs on other sites. (for journals like ES this functionality is particularly useful for readers who are not quite screen savvy and who prefer to read paper offline)

I was wondering if there was any way to make this site-specific header possible and if the Commons would be interested in making the minor tweak to the plugin so it is more functional for multi-site (I have put in a comment on the Wordpress plugin and contacted him through his website asking for the same, but I think the developer is very intermittently interested in the plugin). Alternatively could the Commons logo or no logo at all replace the currently pretty awful header image so that it would be better aesthetically when put to use.


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Hi Kimon -

Scott posted the same issue here: I responded by changing the default logo to the Commons logo.

Fixing the plugin for multisite would be, unfortunately, more than just a minor tweak. It's easy enough to make the logo location blog-specific, but the problem then becomes: how does the blog user upload the image? Now, we'd either have to integrate with the Media Library, in which case there'd have to be some modifications to the post-to-pdf plugin so that it pulled the logo from a dynamic rather than a hardcoded filename; or we'd have to create our own upload interface.

I'd be more game to make these changes if I thought that the plugin developer would be open to accepting the patch as a contribution and adding it to the distribution plugin. But, given what you've said, that doesn't sound super likely.

Let me know if the Commons logo fix is an acceptable one for you. And Matt, if you want me to commit the 2-3 hrs necessary to make the plugin truly multisite compatible, and to submit this to the dev in hopes that he'll accept the contribution, let me know and I'll add it to my list.

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Hi Kimon,

You mentioned Anthologize above; is there a possibility that you might use that instead? If so, would it present the same problem?

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Matt - Anthologize doesn't really work for the automated post-to-PDF feature we are looking for at the article level. We want the PDF to be automatically generated whenever we create a new article and for the user to simply click the link to get the PDF. We are thinking about using Anthologize if we want to construct archival PDFs of each article, although to be completely honest Anthologize could use some customization tools for look and design.

Boone -
  1. As for the Commons logo, I am fine with that, just wanted to get rid of that awful other logo.
  2. One idea for making it multi-site is that the image could be pulled from the theme rather than from the Media Library. Then it would be an issue of just changing the path the image requests from /wp-content/uploads/wp-post-to-pdf-logo.png to the theme folder /wp-content/themes/ES/wp-post-to-pdf-logo.png. Then if there was no existing file in the theme it could default to the Commons logo at /wp-content/uploads/wp-post-to-pdf-logo.png. Now having said that making the change to the plugin, getting developer consent, etc. may not be worth it and that is clearly up to you guys to decide. That also might limit the use of a custom logo to developers like me which could be good but also could be bad.
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Looks like we added the feature to change the banner image in #3623.


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