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User Voice Upgrade

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I took a little time and watched the demo for User Voice, and I think there are some good features that we might consider adopting (and a lot we probably don't need). Instead of directing email requests to - maybe we should take advantage of their email tracking system. I think it would be easier to support, and I think there is functionality that lets you store answers to common questions, and develop a knowledge base that could link to codex articles. Members might easily check out common questions and resolutions, and not even need to write the email. There seems to be a bunch of options, but the pricing/month goes up fast. I don't think we need much more than the standard plan - but not sure.

So would like to know what our contract is currently, what options we have now that we aren't using, and how much more are we willing to spend (that is, if we need to spend more?)


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Hi Scott --

We recently renewed our license, going with the Standard Plan with one user. We can upgrade if needed. Can you do the following:

1. Explore the features that you think would be really useful;

2. Contact UserVoice to ask what plan is needed to utilize those features;

3. Write to me via email with a cost breakdown.


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